Insuring the Sunshine State Bike by Bike

Florida Motorcycle Insurance (FL)

Florida is a fantastic state for motorcyclists, offering everything from epic events like Bike Week and the Daytona 200 to scenic coastal highways and byways. At Florida Motorcycle Insurance, we help riders like you get the best coverage and least costly monthly premiums possible by performing online comparisons of the leading motorcycle insurance providers. Ready to get rolling? It takes less than 10 seconds. Find the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Submit your zip code to begin.

Motorcycle Insurance: Florida Laws

Florida is one of the few states in which motorcycle liability insurance is not required by law. Liability coverage offers protection against claims alleging that a property owner’s negligence or inappropriate action resulted in bodily injury or property damage to another party. If you do choose to insure your bike, your liability coverage must meet or exceed certain minimum thresholds for bodily injury to others and damage to third party property.

  • For Injuries to a Single Person: $10,000
  • For Injuries to Two or More Persons: $20,000
  • For Damages to Personal Property: $10,000

If saving the most money possible is your only priority, merely getting insured up to these thresholds will do the trick. However, the majority of riders choose to get more coverage than this. After all, IRC (Insurance Research Council) 23% of Florida motorists drive without insurance. You may want to consider Uninsured Motorist coverage so that you will be covered in case you’re involved in an accident and the other motorist is uninsured.