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Motorcycle Insurance Largo (FL)

Lots of motorcyclists pay too much for motorcycle insurance coverage in Largo, FL. The perfect solution to stay clear of unnecessary rates is to evaluate quotes supplied by a varied variety of insurers. Here at Florida Motorcycle Insurance, we will let you do just that – via the web!

Motorcycle Insurance Laws: Florida

Motorcyclists in Florida don’t necessarily need to carry a really expensive, full coverage policy. According to state law, only motorcycle liability coverage is mandatory. Liability coverage pays the cost of your legal defense, as well as the cost of any damages for which you are found legally responsible in an accident where you are charged with injuring another person or damaging his or her property. The state sets the minimum liability amounts for which you have to be covered. There are 3 minimum liability protections outlined:

  • $10,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injuries to a Single Person in an Accident
  • $20,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injury to All Individuals in an Accident
  • $10,000: Liability Coverage for Damage to Property