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Motorcycle Insurance St. Petersburg (FL)

At Florida Motorcycle Insurance, we think that riders shouldn’t be forced to suffer from inflated monthly premiums. The best tactic to unearth the cheapest price on motorcycle insurance in St. Petersburg is to compare and contrast the insurance policies provided by rivalling insurance providers. Just key in your zip code to start research for the optimal coverage. Or, peruse below to understand the details of motorcycle insurance in St. Petersburg, and also all of Florida.

Florida Motorcycle Insurance Laws

Motorcycle liability insurance is required in St. Petersburg, FL, and across the state. Liability insurance provides coverage when you have been found to have legal responsibility for injuring others or their property. Your liability insurance must meet or exceed specific minimum limits for bodily injuries to others and losses to others’ property.

  • For Injuries to a Single Party: $10,000
  • For Injuries to Two or More Individuals: $20,000
  • For Property Damages: $10,000