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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Motus MST Makes the Move to Port Fuel Injection

Word in the motorcycle racing world is that Motus has decided to forgo gasoline direct injection (GDI) in favor of port fuel injection and ride-by-wire set up for its ripe-for-release Mostus MST sport-tourer. The much anticipated MST will probably be released at the Daytona Bike Week.

Talking about this surprising decision, Motus co-founder and president, Lee Conn was recently quoted as having said, “Having ridden the MST’s with GDI all over America, I can report that we pioneered a really cool GDI system and it works great.”

Conn added, “GDI is a modern, smart and efficient way to fuel an engine, but after a lot of discussions with dealers, customers, technicians, and tuners, we concluded that there is not enough support in the current industry to roll out this technology yet.”

Serving such a niche market, it is vital that there is indeed adequate industry support for whatever technology bike makers go with. And, really, that is where the problem lay. The truly innovative bike engineers (artists) are driven to explore new avenues as they attempt to make the ever-better bike. However, at the same time, they must always be aware of their constraints: cost for the consumer, production cost, ease of replication and industry support.
Kudos to Motus for stretching the norm.  We’ll keep you posted here at Florida motorcycle insurance!