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Daily Archives: March 12, 2012

Sales for Naples Harley-Davidson, Jimmy Are Rolling in the Deep

Lead by its star salesman, Jim Blevins, Naples Harley-Davidson is doing great business. In fact, within the last six months, Jimmy B, as Blevin is called, has pulled in more than $700,000 in sales of bike gear all…by his lonesome.

B, a former Detroit paramedic, loves being a Harley-Davidson salesman in the Florida city. B says, “My biggest thing is I want you satisfied, happy and content. If you feel cheated, you’re not going to come back.”

Another step that B takes to turn first-time customers into longtime clients is to give each of them a catalogue and a pair of business cards. The catalogue keeps the customers hungry and the two cards give them a way to order a meal. Also, he says that he’s pretty sure most people lose one card.

Another sales tip, the one he says that may be his most powerful, is the use of the power of three. By giving customers three choices, B suggests, the probability of them saying “no” is reduced. Some of his other tips would do well for all of us to follow: don’t judge others by first impressions; treat others how you would like to be treated; and take an interest in what others are interested in.

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